Victor Gao



I first took to programming in high school because I thought hackers were cool. Now, it’s something I do every day.

I love computer science because it is such a useful skill. A single modern processor can perform calculations faster all 7 billion humans with pens and paper combined. Computer programs can help us accomplish tasks everyday that people a century ago would have never imagined. Learning to code allows you to control this power and have it at your fingertips.

Today, I have many years of programming experience. In addition to taking computer science at school, I also learn on my own to compete in coding contests, create my own projects, and run a computer science club. I mainly program in C++, although I also have experience in C, Java, Python, Javascript, and more.

Victoria Park Computing Club


Competitive programming

Each year, the most perceptive hackers ready their mechanical keyboards, dark themed IDEs, and birth programming language to engage in a fearsome battle of code errors, bugs, and cursing at computers.

Just kidding, programmers don’t leave the house.

I participate in many programming competitions including the CCC, USACO, and many different online contests. You can find me on Dmoj and Codeforces.

Contest History

This is a list of random competitions I have done. For highlights only see Major Awards.