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Competitive Programming

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Canadian Computing Competition (CCC) - A programming competition with over 6000 students. Top-performing students in the senior division are invited to the Canadian Computing Olympiad (CCO) and selected for the Canadian National Team.

USA Computing Olympiad (USACO) - A programming competition for American and international students consisting of 4 divisions. Only the top participants are promoted to the platinum division.

ECOO Programming Contest - Over 400 teams from schools across Ontario compete in this contest, of which 120 advance to round 2 and 30 advance to round 3.


Note: many contests in 2020 were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge (COMC) - A nationwide competition used to determine the Canadian Math Team. The top 125 students across Canada are invited to the CMO Qualifying RepĂȘchage, of which the top 70 qualify for the Canadian Mathematical Olympiad (CMO).

American Mathematics Competition (AMC) - The national math competition for the USA. Out of over 100000 participants, the top 2.5% in the AMC 10 and top 5% in the AMC 12 are invited to compete in the AIME. The highest-scoring students then qualify for the USAMO.

Euclid Mathematics Contest - A senior-level math contest written by 19000 students every year.

Other Waterloo math contests

Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest


British Physics Olympiad (BPhO)

Physics@Mac Online Physics Competition

Michael Smith Science Challenge